Scar Treatment

The first and most important means of scar treatment is prevention. That is that any surgical scar is designed correctly, in the relaxed skin tension lines. It also needs to be done with a meticulous and accurate technique, minimising trauma to the skin, controlling any bleeding and suturing the wound very precisely and with sutures which do not leave stitch marks.

This where the techniques of a Specialist Plastic Surgeon come in. A/Prof Gianoutsos has great experience in this. In the early period following a surgical procedure the wound is best kept supported with surgical tape as its tensile strength takes at least some weeks to return to close to normal. After this phase scar creams can be used in association with massage of the wound. Care in the sun is important always but even more so in scars. It is important to realise that practically all scars will improve with time.

Sometimes scars behave in abnormal ways either due to delayed healing, infection or a tendency for the patient to develop hypertrophic or keloid scars which are very thick, tender and itchy. These can be difficult to deal with but a number or treatments may be used including steroid injections and scar revision.

Our philosophy is to treat all patients as we would be expected to be treated ourselves.
A/Prof. Mark Gianoutsos

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