Persistence of the normal or physiological enlargement of male breast tissue beyond the time of puberty is the cause of a great deal of self consciousness and concern in men both young and older. There may also be a fatty component to the problem.

Gynaecomastia requires careful examination to establish the appropriate means of its surgical treatment.

Surgical management may involve a surgical subcutaneous mastectomy and/or liposuction. Subcutaneous mastectomy involves an incision half way around the areola (outer part of the nipple) and removal of the abnormal breast tissue. This is often combined with liposuction to contour the final result. On occasion, liposuction alone may be appropriate.

It is important to limit vigorous physical activity for around ten days following the procedure as bleeding under the skin, or haematoma, can be a problem.

Almost all young men develop a small amount of tender breast tissue during puberty. On occasion this can persist and continue to increase. It can also develop in later life in response to hormonal or sometimes drug influences. It can be a source of real self-consciousness. Gynaecomastia surgery will address this.

A/Prof Gianoutsos performs gynaecomastia surgery under general anaesthesia. Your anaesthetic will be done by one of the expert and experienced specialist anaesthetists with whom A/Prof Gianoutsos works on a regular basis. It can be done as a day only or overnight stay procedure.

The incision is usually made at the junction of the areola and the chest skin – that way it is placed in a visually inconspicuous position.  It is often combined with liposuction. Sometimes the desired result can be obtained through liposuction alone. A/Prof Gianoutsos uses liposuction as part of the procedure to give maximal contour improvement.

Following surgery A/Prof Gianoutsos will place you into a customised garment which keeps even pressure and helps control swelling and bruising. You will generally wear this for around 6 weeks. You will also likely have a drain placed to remove any blood or tissue fluid that might otherwise accumulate. This is removed the following day.

As mentioned, A/Prof Gianoutsos can do gyanaecomastia surgery both as a day only and overnight stay procedure depending upon your wishes and the extent of the procedure.

After discharge you will be seen at A/Prof Gianoutsos’ rooms at around a week to remove your dressings and place surgical tapes on the incision lines. You will wear your garment for 2 weeks. You will then be reviewed at around 6 weeks and then six and twelve months.

A/Prof Gianoutsos and his staff are available at any time, however, should you have any queries or concerns.

A/Prof Gianoutsos generally recommends a few days to a week off work following your gynaecomastia surgery depending upon its extent. At this point you will still have some swelling and sometimes some bruising but you will be comfortable to do normal day to day activities. Vigorous exercise should be avoided for at least two weeks.

Initially you will have swelling and bruising. Your swelling will resolve over around 6 weeks at which point you will notice some firmness in the area. The final result will be seen although subtle changes can occur over a longer period.

All surgery carries at least some degree of risk. These are minimized by ensuring you are as healthy as possible and prepared for the operation, by selecting a properly qualified and experienced surgeon and allowing yourself a proper recovery period. The particular risks as well as the expected perioperative course will be discussed in detail with you at your consultation and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions.

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View before and after photos to get a general idea of what other patient’s outcomes were after surgery. This is no guarantee you will have similar results, even if you have a similar body. Results will vary by individual patient and many factors impact your results. Remember that every patient is unique and every surgery has unique aspects. Therefore, no two surgical procedures, or rejuvenation treatments, will get the exact same results. Images of actual patients are shown for information purposes only and are provided with patient consent for use by A/Prof Gianoutsos only.

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