Abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, Mummy makeover, dealing with excess skin after massive weight loss, lower body lift , liposuction and upper arm lift, or Brachioplasty are all procedures that help shape and proportion the body to a patient’s desired outcome. They often have a great impact upon the sprits of patients who have undertaken a difficult journey to achieve their desired weight.

Tummy tuck

A surgical procedure designed to reduce both skin and fat excess in the lower abdomen, improving abdominal contour.

Mummy Makeover

A combination of procedures to address the changes to body shape after child birth and breast feeding.

Massive Weight Loss

Deals with excess skin left by massive weight loss. Has a great impact on the sprits of patients who have fought hard to lose weight.

Lower Body Lift

This technique is particularly applicable following massive weight loss, where the hips, upper thighs, buttocks and abdomen are the concern.


Removes excess body fat in areas where skin elasticity is sufficient. Best for areas of abnormal distribution of fat.

Upper Arm Lift/ Brachioplasty

Aimed at addressing excess of tissue in the upper arm, most evident when the patient has the arms held out at right angles from the sides.

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