The key to a good cosmetic surgical procedure is for it to appear that no procedure has been done at all. Not that the desired outcome is not achieved, but that the result is entirely natural. The decision to undertake a cosmetic surgical procedure is a very personal one. It is a decision for one’s self and not infrequently relates to a physical feature the individual has been self conscious about for a long period. It is equally often a major and difficult step to seek guidance regarding its resolution.

Electing to have surgery is, rightly, a major consideration. You should feel that a thorough history and examination has been undertaken and that you have been given all relevant information both verbally and in a written form, where appropriate, with pictures and photographs. You should have the opportunity to ask any questions and feel that they have been answered to your satisfaction. Above all, you should have faith in your surgeon – faith that he acts in your best interests, faith that he has the ability, skill and experience to undertake what is proposed and faith that you will be cared for in a thorough and professional manner at all times. This is very much the philosophy of A/Prof Gianoutsos’ practice.

Our philosophy is to treat all patients as we would be expected to be treated ourselves.
A/Prof. Mark Gianoutsos

Our philosophy